About Our Company


Founded in 1996 by Jeffrey A. Swanson, SGL Entertainment Releasing is a worldwide major independent movie and film distribution company. With over twenty years of experience in the entertainment business, SGL Entertainment has acquired a large number of partnerships, that has allowed us to make our titles available on most all major platforms worldwide including: Blu-Ray, DVD, and all of the Latest Cutting Edge Digital On-Demand Services. Our Award Winning Films have Topped the sales charts at Amazon and Several of the Top VOD platforms. SGL Entertainment is also one of the leading distribution companies for cult classic films including movies like Alice, Sweet Alice (Brooke Shields), The Witchmaker, Suspiria and Many More. Also, SGL Entertainment made history and started a revolution when we began selling movies on USB Flash Drives. And, just recently SGL Entertainment launched their highly successful movie streaming subscription service called The Killer Movie Channel.